Aren't they adorable?

   Newly redesigned apps, for all the platforms, with lots of bells & whistles.


Get the News Out 

Cincinnati Public Radio had a lot of news content they wanted to showcase. With the new Definable Sections functionality, we were able to capture all of their differentiated news content in unique sections.


Tablets, Tablets, Tablets

Did we mention tablets? Tablets are the hottest thing out there and their new apps offer a great user experience with the larger screens. Be where your listeners and members are: on their tablets!

Cross Promote All of Your Streams

Cincinnati has three streams and they wanted to cross-promote each other. Not only did they decide to offer 3 different apps, one for each stream, each app cross promotes the other 2 streams! It's a great way to invite discovery and maintain the brand.


   Contact Heidi at Listener-Interactive to find out how to get your own Station Branded App - affordably.